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Peace of Mind is an AI that helps caregivers and family members keep track of their loved one's condition. It doesn't require any apps or technical skill, completes its check in with a two minute phone call made once per day.

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Our most common asked questions.

How long does a checkup take using Meadows?

Typically, less than 5 minutes. It might take longer if your patient has five or more conditions to track or when we need to ask additional questions on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Should a doctor be called if I or my patient are worried about something?

Yes, absolutely. Meadows is not a professional medical advice system or service and you should always speak to your doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional for medical advice, or call an ambulance in case of an emergency.

How does Meadows use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ask my patient’s questions about their health?

Meadows asks questions designed and validated by medical professionals. The primary questions and the follow up questions, depending on what your patient says, replicates a human experience to make the checkup feel natural. We also use machine learning to understand your patient responses over time to create more specific and highly answerable questions.

Do I have to be at home to use Meadows?

No, you do not. Your patients can do their daily checkup from anywhere provided they use their mobile phone. This means they can stay with you or another family or friend and still continue their good habit of checking in.